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Published on January 3, 2009 By mariusvatavu In Democrat

2008 Kia Rondo

The idea behind the Kia Rondo is to combine the practicality of an SUV with the look and feel of a car. And the Rondo does it, sort of, with seven seats and a profile that is, in its own awkward way, more reminiscent of a car than an SUV. So how does the Rondo work in the real world? Read on.

First Glance at the Impreza 2.5GT: Getting the Scoop

The 2.5GT is a new addition to the Impreza lineup (which also includes the 2.5i, WRX and STI). In many ways, it picks up where last year's WRX left off, with the same 224 horsepower turbocharged engine and the same anonymous styling. (The 2009 WRX, meanwhile, has moved on to bigger and better things, with more power and a fancier body kit.) The 2.5GT is also the only choice for Subaru hot-rodders who can't drive a stick -- it comes exclusively with a 4-speed automatic transmission, while the WRX can now only be had with a manual transmission. Price-wise, the GT sits between the WRX and the king-of-the-hill STI, mostly because the 2.5GT comes with a bunch of nice-to-haves that are extra-cost options on lesser Imprezas.


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